Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hearing Child

I must say it is a big adjustment having a child that can hear after having 2 that can't. It is also so much fun to watch Jordan turn to new sounds with that look on his face "what was that". I have to change when I do the vacuuming, with Jared and Allison I could clean house when they were sleeping and they would never hear a thing. Jordan on the other hand wakes up at the slightest sound. How great is it that I have to tell Jared and Allison to not be so loud because Jordan is sleeping. While I would not change Jared and Allison for anything(God made them the way they are for a special purpose) maybe just maybe Jordan will be our piano player or famous singer.
He is starting to really try to communicate with us. His new word is "dat" as in "what is that"? or "want that". It is so cute. I just love hearing him "talk"
Thank you God for Jordan's hearing.


Dana Michael Krull said...

I think Gavin and Jordan are kindred spirits...Gavin's verbal repertoire started (and continues) with "dat," which he applies to absolutely anything. The only other word he says is "drr" (for "door"), which he says with about equal frequency. He is obsessed with doors of all kinds and he opens and closes them for long stretches at a time. It's hilarious! See you this weekend!
Dana, Addie & Gavin :)

tammy said...

Being in the complete opposite boat, I still smile when I think of the experience I'm getting as Aiden's mom. I was thinking about this the other day. I took for granted (not knowing the deaf world of course) that my kids could hear and didn't think twice when they would look towards a sound. Now I am constantly looking for Aiden to turn towards a noise. Anything. I used to just sing as I worked around the house, knowing by older kids could hear me as babies; now I only get work done when Aiden's sleeping and sing right by him just praying he gets to hear even a little bit of his mommy's voice. This is hard work and you've been working hard for quite some time with it with your older two. I admire you; you inspire me! And I'm so happy for you too that Jordan can hear!

Saleen said...

Am enjoying all the pictures and rejoice with you that God has given you such a beautiful family.
Our love
Dad & Sallie