Thursday, September 4, 2008

Acorns in your hair

This post is more for me, so that I can remember this cute moment from Allison to put in her memory book.
Today, while brushing Allison's hair before school, she was complaining that I was brushing too hard. She said "stop mom I have acorns in my hair" I looked at her rather strangely and said,"you have what in your hair"? "Acorns" came the reply. "You know, nuts in my hair". After trying with all my might not to burst out laughing, I finally figured out what she meant- she had knots.
These are the precious moments that make all the hard work of early morning trips to the auditory oral therapist worth it. Thank you Allison,Mommy needed a smile today!!!
While I am telling on my children, I will share a Jared moment( this happened when he was about 3 or so). We have a lazy boy chair in our living room that turns. Jared was forever turning around in that chair, we would tell him to stop spinning in the Lazy Boy. Well, one day, Jared had enough of us telling him what to do. He looked at us and said, "it's not a lazy boy, it's a lady boy". So to this day, we have a green "lady boy" chair in our living room.

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tammy said...

Love these moments! Good for you for documenting!