Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jared's appointment

Today I took Jared to the ENT to check on this recent hearing drop. After the doctor poked and picked at Jared's ears, he told us that he was not all that concerned about the recent drop in his hearing. He did have Jared do another booth test, this time with his hearing aides on to see what his voice discrimination was, it was about 77%. The doctor said that he thought what we are seeing may be because of his recent illness.

We will take him back in 6 months for a recheck and we will see what happens.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

When routine becomes not so routine

I took Jared to his audiologist yesterday for what I thought was a routine hearing aide check. Well, I have learned that nothing is routine when you are dealing with a kid's hearing loss.
After telling the audiologist that Jared had been sick with walking pneumonia about a month ago, she decided that he should do a booth test. She check his ears and cleaned out the wax-YUCK and then did the test. He had a major drop in his hearing, going from 78 dB's to 87 dB's in his right ear and from 72 dB's to 85 dB's in his left. I am wondering if he was just tired from a full day at school, but nonetheless, a call to his ENT is in order for today.

So, just when we get Allison heading in the right direction it is time for Jared to throw a wrench in the plan.

Such is life.

Thank goodness for a wonderful audiologist!!! I call our ENT and the earliest appointment they could give us was March 18th. I called the our audiologist and told her, well that was just not acceptable to her. She called and got us appointment next Thursday.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Sweet Moment

Tonight, I had to run to Giant Eagle to pick mini-marshmallows for Allison. Tomorrow is the 100th day of school and she needed 100 of a food item. Of course I did not know about this until about 6:45 pm when I looked in her folder and saw the note. I took Allison with me, so I could make sure that I got the right ones. While I was checking out at the self-checkout line, Allison was at the end making sure that the marshmallows did not get smashed. The manager came over to help bag the items and saw the marshmallows and asked Allison about them. Allison explained what they were for and that she had to go home and count 100 of them for school. It was a moment that will never get old for me, my deaf little girl was talking and answering questions. I did not have to explain to the manager that she was deaf and could not hear her, I did not have to interpret for her, I could just stand there and listen to my little girl talk. The amazing thing is, I don't think the manager even knew, Allison's hair was down and covering her ears.