Saturday, April 1, 2017

Time to Brag a Bit

It is time for me to brag on my CI wearing kids...Report Card time.  Jared has had his implant for just a little bit over a year and the gains he has made in his grades are AMAZING.  He made honor roll his 1st 9 weeks, missed it by 2/10th of a point his 2nd 9 weeks and made it again this last 9 weeks.  After getting his report card the 1st time and see his grades, I asked him what he thought the difference was.....he took of his CI and said "this, I can actually hear what my teachers are saying".  With tears streaming down my face, I gave him a hug.  Here are his grade for this report card
Freshman Literature and Composition-A
Sports for Life(PE)-A+
Algebra I-B
Algebra +-A+
Physical Science-B
American History-A
GPA-3.600  Honor Roll

Allison continues to do great in school.  She has never really struggled like Jared has, but that does not diminish the hard work that she has put in.  Her grades are AMAZING also!

Language Arts-A-
Physical Education-A+
American History-A-
GPA-3.7217  Honor Roll

Sunday, February 12, 2017

When you don't think it's worth it......

Just when you think your children don't appreciate or understand the sacrifice you have made for them, your daughter writes you this note and you think...."hmmm, she gets it".

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am thankful and glad that God gave you guys to me to be my parents.  I am thankful that you sacrificed so much for me.  One of the them being all you had to go through with my C.I. and I am glad you made that decision for me and I think it was the best one you made for me.  I appreciate that you worked hard with me during my speech therapy and that you do so much for me.  I also appreciate that you taught me about God.......

Sigh,  I love this girl!