Monday, September 8, 2008

CI Mapping

Allison had an appointment this morning for a CI mapping for her new "ear". We were a little discouraged at her last appointment when she was only hearing at 40 dB's. Our goal is to try and get her right ear hearing the same as her left side( 20-25 dB's)
I was a little worried when Allison woke up this morning and did not have a voice( those silly allergies do it to her everytime). I was afriad I would have to cancel the appointment, but she was not running a fever and seemed like herself, but with no voice.
Once in the booth, she was able to hear the beeps at 20dB's, but only heard voices at
50 dB's. I know that it will take a little of time to wake up her ear, so we will continue with her therapy at home and I have asked her SLP at school to do some work with the new CI alone during her sessions there. We will return in Nov and hopefully we will get some better results in the voice recongition deptartment.

Allison got a impression for her new ear-mold, she picked out a rainbow color and is looking forward to having the mold for her old CI. She hates the fact that her old one does not stay on as well as the new one. What a fashion statment she will make. :-)

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