Friday, November 16, 2012

Who Knew??

Add this to the list of things that you learn when you have a child with a hearing loss......they can be allergic to the hearing aid mold.

Jared had oral surgery 3 weeks ago, the next day he started what we thought was an ear infection.  Because it was Saturday I had to take him to The Little Clinic in our local Krogers store.  They have him the standard pink stuff and sent us on our way.  It cleared the infection( or so we thought) for about a week or so and then it came back with a vengeance.  Jared's ear was red, itchy, his ear canal swelled and he had drainage.  A call to his ENT was in order, we have a great ENT who got us right in( even though they were scheduled out until Jan).  We saw him yesterday and let me just say.....YUCK!  I will not gross you all out( in case some of you are eating as you read this) with all the details.  The first thought was the oral surgery, they had to go up into his palate to get the extra tooth out and it messed up the eustachian tubes, but after the doctor looked in his other ear and noticed the same redness he decided that Jared was allergic to the hearing aid mold.  His left ear was not nearly as bad as the right, but it was heading that way.  So he is on another antibiotic and ear drops( oh joy!) for 10 days.  We head to the audiologist next week to get a new set of ear molds made.  Hopefully we can put a rush on them because of his allergy. 

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