Sunday, November 11, 2012

Update on Allison

Allison saw her wonderful audiologist on Monday.  She did great, these appointments are becoming old hat for Allison, so she knew what to expect and how long they will last.  It is wonderful that Allison can answer the questions asked to her and can tell Miss Cindi if something sounds too loud, to soft or just right.  Allison was able to share all the wonderful things that happen at school and tell about her SLP, FM system and such.  All this is made possible because of the wonders of the CI.

After testing her implants to make sure all was up to snuff, we headed to the sound booth.  This was the 1st time that Allison was alone in the booth and did a great job, she clicked away using the clicker and once again she was at 15-20 dB's in both ears.  They also tested Allison live voice recognition.
She scored 72% words and 62/75 phonemes in her right ear( a great improvement from previous testing) and 92% words and 73/75 phonemes in her left ear.  YAY, we finally got her right ear and left ear to the same place. 

Oh and on another note( pun intended)  Allison will be starting piano lessons soon. Yes you read that right.......our deaf daughter who hears with Cochlear implants will be starting piano lessons.  She is so exited about it.  Now if we can figure out where we are going to put the piano in our house.  Only time will tell how far Allison will go with this, but if her commitment to piano is anything like her commitment to hearing and talking, you can expect Allison to be playing in Carnage Hall in the near future.  :-)

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Messy Mom said...

This is SOOOO encouraging to me, as was your comment on my blog. I love seeing what to expect in the future and I am so glad that you got a good report with your audiologist. Right now Sedona only has the right ear,but we are hoping that she can be bilateral soon.