Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Time

It has been a busy month of June for the Krulls.  Jared and Allison finished school on June 7th!  Both did a great job in 4th and 3rd grade this year.  We are so proud of all of their hard work.
The week after school let out, all 3 of the kids were able to go to our neighbor's Vacation Bible School.  They had a great time and I enjoyed 3 hours of peace and quite during the morning.  It was Heaven!
The 3rd week of June we headed out for our family vacation.  We headed up to MI to visit my aunt, who is 85 years young.  You sure couldn't tell she is that old.  She still has a whole lot of spunk.  We were also able to visit with a college friend, who I roomed with when I taaught in Maryland.  It was fun to catch up on life.  After spending 3 days in MI we headed down to Sandusky to the Great Wolf Lodge.  The kids had a blast at the indoor waterpark.  Jared and Allison were very happy that they were both tall enough to go on every single waterslide by themselves.  Which worked out perfect because Jordan had to stay with a parent at all times.
This week is our own church's VBS.  It has been a busy week, but one that is so much fun.
Oh and to top off June..........Jared got braces today!!  He is now learning what he is allowed to eat and what he is not allowed to eat.  The rule of thumb sticky, crunchy or chewy foods, well that about knocks out anything that is good to eat.
I am looking forward to next week, when we have nothing planned and no where we have to be..............I think I might actually sleep past 7:00.  That is my goal, I wonder if I will be able to do it....wish me luck.

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