Friday, November 25, 2011

So much to be thankful for.

At this time of year, I like to reflect on what I am thankful for.  This year, I think I will just make a list.

1.  My wonderful husband, Bill-  We were married 12 years on Nov 20th.  You are my rock and my best friend.  I can always count on you.  I love you, babe

2.  Jared William-  My wonderful 1st born.  You are creative, funny and so loving.  Even at 10 years of age, I can count on you to give me a hug goodnight.  I hope you never get too old to hug your mom.

3.  Allison Elizabeth- My precious little girl, although you are not so little anymore.  You are a fighter in every sense of the word.  You have overcome so much in your life, from being born 10 weeks early, spending 9 weeks in the hospital and 6 surgeries in your 9 years.  Through it all you never lost your sweet spirit.

4.  Jordan Matthew- My surprise child.  Even though you were not planned by mommy and daddy, you were most defiantly planned by God.  You are independent and oh so smart.  You amaze me everyday with how your mind works.  I look forward to watching you grow.

5.  Technology-  Hearing aid and Cochlear implants are a vital part of our lives.  I enjoy watching Jared and Allison blossom because of their hearing aids and CI's.  I took Allison to get her new Nucleus 5's this week, she did a booth test and is now hearing at 20 dcB in BOTH ears!  AMAZING!!!!!!  Both Jared and Allison will be singing in our church's Christmas program.  They may never be professional singers and win a Grammy, but they can enjoy the sounds of the seasons because of modern technology

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leah said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love this time of year - so much to be thankful for!

I can't remember, but did Allison have the cholesteatoma? Nolan just keeps getting ear infections that are hard to treat, and I wonder about that... he has had a clear CT scan (when he was an infant), but I wonder about something acquired because there is something wrong with ear infections that take 6-8 weeks to clear! Just wondering.. I couldn't remember who had the child with the C-toma!