Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End of the Year

Yesterday I had the 3 year reevaluation/IEP meetings for Jared and Allison. Wow! It is bad enough sitting through 1 of those, but I had the joy of sitting through 2. I know it is probably the law, but do they have to read all 44 pages to me word for word?
Both kids are doing great! We are really pleased with their progress. Of course they both have areas that they need to work on, but what kids doesn't? I am sure they would have the same areas if they where not HOH.
Here are the highlights:

Jared has made great progress in the area of reading. He is reading at a DRA level 34. He has mastered all of his reading goals on his IEP this year.
His phonemic awareness and word attack skills have improved a great deal.
He is reading 100% of the high frequency words on the UA district high frequency word list.
Jared enjoys writing and loves to express himself. He does need work on encoding unknown words and increasing his knowledge of affixes.
Like his mother, he struggles in math. It took me a long time to get those stinking multiplication facts down. I guess you know what we will be working on over the summer. :-)

Allison is reading at a DRA level of 28, which is at grade level. She can read 198/200 of the K-2nd grade sight words. She is a great reader. Allison has improved her attitude when writing. She still needs assistance to write with correct verb tense, spelling, transition words and to extend her opening and closings.
Allison can identify 21/21 consonant sounds, 5/5 short vowel sounds and 5/5 long vowel sounds.

This next part is a BIG improvement for Allison. This has to do with her newer ear, the one that has been giving me many sleepless nights worrying that she will never be able to use it, BUT..........Allison is 100% accurate with "ah,ee, oo,mm" She is 90-100% accurate with "s" verses "sh". She is identifying among closed sets of 6 to 7 words in length with 90-100% accuracy. She is also repeating these sentences verbatim with the same performance level. She has mastered all of her goals in this section of her IEP. YAY, Allison! All your hard work is finally paying off. Thank you for not giving up when it was hard, you did it!!!!!!

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