Monday, April 20, 2009

Allison's Mapping

So, we had another mapping today at Children's. I spoke to her audiologist about the fact that Bill and I were not very pleased with the progress she has been making since her implant surgery. It has been a year since she got her 2nd implant and it is almost like she never got it. She willingly wears both, but if we take out the old one, she is not able to hear with her new one, not even a little bit. After talking and sharing what has been happening, Allison got down to work listening to some beeps in the room. Her audiologist made some major adjustments to her map and that really seemed to help. Off to the booth Allison went to check out the new programs. She was able to hear the beeps at 25 dB and the Ling Sounds at 30-35dB, that is a great improvement over her last audiogram where she was hearing at 45-50dB.
Allison has some homework to do, she is suppose to wear her new implant alone for 30-45 min a day. We really need to wake up this ear. Let's hope this is a start to Allison really hearing in both ears. We will keep you posted on her progress.


Dana Michael Krull said...

Will be praying for this. Thanks for the update.
Dana, Addie & Gavin

tammy said...

This is what scares me. I know we're supposed to practice ling sounds and constantly watch for responses, but how do we truly know they're getting a good ... no a GREAT map?! I hope it gets better for Allison now that they remapped her and you start seeing what you should with bilateral implants. Good luck!