Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Allison Reading!!!

Check out this video of Allison reading. We think she is doing an amazing job(but of course we would think so, we are a bit prejudice) :-)

Pardon the noise in the background-that is just Jordan trying to get my attention.


Sallie Lemponen said...

Way to go, Allison! Grandpa and I are VERY pleased with how you are reading. But Grandma is especially pleased that you chose to read about apples!! We love you and will see you very soon.

Sallie Lemponen said...

Grandpa had a smile from ear to ear. Good job, Allison.

Dana Michael Krull said...

Congrats Allison!!! We love you.
Dana, Addie, & Gavin :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Allison, with all your energy, I'm amazed your parents got you to sit down long enough to read a book! Congratulations for such good reading skills!
Love, Aunt Lois

tammy said...

I just love this! It gives me so much hope for Aiden and the world that will be wide open for him! Way to go Allison! You are an amazing little girl!