Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stolen Implants

I guess this is a good warning for all of us who have children who wear implants. This is a sad commentary on life today.
Check out the story at: http://www.breitbart.tv ( for some reason I cannot get the story to come up right, but if you click on the crime section you will be able to find it there. Look for the story title-Thieves steal pricey hearing aid from 3 year old's head.)

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alison said...

Man that made me so sick. I was too mad to even cry. It is definitely a sad, sad world we live in. Congrats on your kiddos implants. My daughter got her CI when she was 2 years old and is now ready to mainstream into a regular kinder. classroom next fall. I get nervous about her implnat getting broken or pulled off her head, I guess I will be going in there and educating her teachers and the students on her hearing loss and her implant so the other kids won't mess with it.