Monday, July 21, 2008

Allison's appointment

Allison had her appointment at Children's today for her mapping of her new implant. While we did not get as much gain as we would have liked, we are still thankful for the progress we have seen. They did a booth test on Allison and she was at 40 dB across the board. I really think she heard a lot more than the test showed, she kept looking back at me for reassurance and had that look in her eye that showed she heard it, she just was not real sure of it.
The audiologist we work with was great with her and gave me some really good exercises to try and help "wake up " her ear. Hopefully, we will get another mapping done before she starts school next month.

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Lois said...

Shelly, keep up the good work with Allison, Jared and Jordan. Many times in my life I have witnessed a parent WILLING their child into wellness. You are one of those parents. I love and support you in my prayers. Aunt Lois