Friday, May 30, 2008

Jordan's trip to Children's

We took Jordan today to Children's to see the ENT and for once the appointment had nothing to do with ears :-) Jordan is tongue tied and will need to have his tongue clipped on June 16th. He will need to be put under and it will take all of 10 min, if that long. We want to take care of this before he starts developing speech. It is a minor out patient surgery, but still scary for daddy and mommy.

Normally, being tongue tied would cause a baby to have trouble nursing, but not Jordan. He figured out how to nurse even with the problem with his tongue. Way to go Jordan!!

He has not had problems gaining weight, he was 19lbs, 4 oz at his appointment on Tuesday.
Jordan is such a ladies man, he is always willing to flash that million dollar smile that just melts you. Look out world, he is going to be a heart breaker!


Dana Michael Krull said...

Thanks so much for doing this blog. It allows us to feel connected to you guys and to keep up with everything. Addie and I will be in town on Sunday, July 13th and we're planning to spend that day with as many Krulls as possible. We'll let you know as the date approaches what our plans are--hope we'll be able to see all of you!!! Miss and love you. Praise God for the little ones' health. Can't wait to see Gavin playing with them!
Dana, Addie, & the Gavinator

alison said...

Wow, poor little guy, and no matter how minor a procedure, it is always so hard to hand your babies over to the dr.s. He sure is a cutie!