Thursday, March 8, 2012

The streak has been broken.

We went almost 11 years without stitches( well, ok we had stitches from many, many surgeries) but those Mommy did not have to watch being put in.
On Monday, I had just finished preschool with Jordan when the dreaded phone call from the school nurse came....."hello, Mrs. Krull, this is Mrs Lombardo the nurse at school, Allison fell off the monkey bars and cut her head open, it looks pretty deep, like maybe needing stitches deep." 
I sprung into action, called my MIL to find out if she was available to watch Jordan, called my hubby to fill him in, checked to see what time Children's Urgent Care opened, it opened at 3:00, it was 11:30, called hubby back to find out where I should go, headed over to my in-laws to drop Jordan off and then to school to pick up Allison.
There is an Urgent Care close to our house so we went there.  We walked in and I saw all the people waiting and I thought, "oh great we are going to be waiting forever".  The person behind the window asked what was wrong, I told her and she looked like she was going to have a stroke, she grabbed my ID, and insurance card and ushered us right back, yelling to the nurse that Allison had split her head open. The nurse came in and looked at it and declared it to be "not too bad, probably would not need stitches( yeah, what does she know?)  My husband and I were a little concerned about Allison's implants, that maybe she had damaged them when she fell, Allison assured me that she was hearing fine.  I asked the nurse about it and the only thing they could do was take x-rays.  Everything on the x-ray looked fine and she is still hearing fine.  The doctor finally came in and took a look at the hole in Allison's head and declared that he could probably close it with staples, this is not what Allison wanted to hear.  After closer examination, the doc decided that staples would not do, stitches was the only way to close this.  I had to prepare Allison for the worse part of all.....the numbing medicine.  What started out as "not so bad" ended with 3 internal and 4 external stitches.  At least they didn't have to shave her head, be happy for the little things.

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