Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Time, Sum, Sum, Summertime

The kids have been out of school for over a month and are enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer. My cousin, Jeff gave us their old swimming pool( which they outgrew, but is a perfect size for us). The kids would live in it if we let them.

Our days have been filled with 2 weeks of Vacation Bible School, playing with friends, a trip to the zoo with Grandpa and Grandma Krull, and swimming. Bill and I get a vacation of our own when my Dad and Step-Mom take all 3 of the kids to NY for 7 days!

OH and the biggest news of all!!! Jordan is 100% potty trained!! Can I get a Woo, Hoo!?!? He finally figured it out, just in time for the NY trip.

Enjoy the last month of summer, before we know it the buses will hit the road again and it will be back to lunch boxes and backpacks.

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