Friday, July 23, 2010

A Summer full of Surgery

Yes, that is what the Summer of 2010 is turning out to be. It started with what we thought was going to be a simple tonsilectomy and turned into not 1 but 2 ear surgeries.

Allison had surgery today on her left ear. She has cholesteatoms in both ears. Today the doc cleaned out the scar tissure from the repeated breaking of the sac behind the eardrum, removed the eardrum and 2 of the 3 bones in the middle ear. He shortened her ear canal, so no yuck can get in. He was careful to leave enough of an ear canal that Allison will still be able to wear her ear molds with her Cochlear Implant. She was in a fair amount of pain when I saw her in recovery, but right now she is happy on pain med and playing with play-doh in the family room where there is carpet, any othertime, she would be at the kitchen table, yes the joys of having surgery.

We are waiting for her to heal from this surgery before we schedule the right ear, oh am I not looking forward to telling her that she not done yet.

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Mom/Lois said...

Shelly, you & Bill deserve a halo for your summer of surgery and how you are dealing with it. I admire the 2 of you so much!
I am so disheartened that the mailman ignored the fact that I had outgoing mail in my box yesterday so poor Allison's card from me won't arrive today! It won't come until Monday, now. So glad to hear that she is receiving pain relief! Love you all, Aunt Lois