Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Time

It is hard to believe that a new month is starting this week. Summer always seems to go by so fast.

We have been busy enjoying the relaxed mode and not feeling the pressure of having to get school work done and getting to bed at 8:00 each night. Jared and Allison spent a week with their grandparents in Cleveland 2 week ago and last week was our church's VBS.
This Friday Allison goes in to get her tonsil and adenoids taken out.......I know, what a way to spend your summer vacation, but I would rather get it done now and not have her miss 2 weeks of school in the fall. She is not thrilled about having another surgery, but the unlimited ice cream and Popsicles is making up for it. Because of her implants they will need to take them out the "old fashion" way instead of zapping them out. The doctor does not want a stray electrical current to short out the implants. This might make for a little longer recovery.

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leah said...

I hope her tonsillectomy goes well! Nolan was able to have his "zapped" because he uses hearing aids, but he could only have 1/2 the dose of pain medication because of his central apnea. Stock up on popsicles (we were big fans of the "mighty mini's" that Popsicle makes).