Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Allison's Hulla-Hoop

Check out this video of Allison Hulla-Hooping( is that even a word?)

Man I wish I could move my hips like that.

Please ignore the background voices, moms that have more then 1 child will understand having to discipline one while taping the amazing things another can do.


leah said...

Wow- she is really good at that! And ROFL on the disciplining one while taping the other- half of our videos have some drama going on in the background, lol!

Sallie Lemponen said...

Way to go, Allison. Grandma used to do that when she was a little girl. Now my hips would hold it up without twisting. You really "swing."
Can't wait to see your new house.
Grandma L.

tammy said...

Yay Allison! I need to do that everyday ... looks like good exercise! I was LOL hearing how the boys were trying there darndest (is that a word?) to get in the vidoe! Hilarious!