Thursday, February 18, 2010

When routine becomes not so routine

I took Jared to his audiologist yesterday for what I thought was a routine hearing aide check. Well, I have learned that nothing is routine when you are dealing with a kid's hearing loss.
After telling the audiologist that Jared had been sick with walking pneumonia about a month ago, she decided that he should do a booth test. She check his ears and cleaned out the wax-YUCK and then did the test. He had a major drop in his hearing, going from 78 dB's to 87 dB's in his right ear and from 72 dB's to 85 dB's in his left. I am wondering if he was just tired from a full day at school, but nonetheless, a call to his ENT is in order for today.

So, just when we get Allison heading in the right direction it is time for Jared to throw a wrench in the plan.

Such is life.

Thank goodness for a wonderful audiologist!!! I call our ENT and the earliest appointment they could give us was March 18th. I called the our audiologist and told her, well that was just not acceptable to her. She called and got us appointment next Thursday.


leah said...

Oh, bless him. I hope it is just a temporary addition to his hearing loss- poor kiddo! I hope you get things sorted out soon!

tammy said...

Oh goodness! I hope this is just from a long day .. poor guy. Hope things get worked out and back to normal for both of you!