Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh the Joys.........

of having Cochlear implants break. Allison came home yesterday and showed me that her left CI was being held together with tape. After looking at it, doing some investigation about what happened, it was determined that she broke it while trying to get her FM boots off. What were those teachers thinking? I know we want her to be pro-active and start taking responsibility for her CI, but pulling a FM boot off of the bottom of her CI is going a bit far for a 7 year old. She is able to put the battery in, turn it on and put it on, I think that is all the responsibility she can handle right now.
I had to put a call into Cochlear to see about getting a new one, only to find out that it is out of warranty, which means we now have to wait for our insurance company to approve the replacement.
I guess I better stock up on tape.

On a happier note.......I got a email from Allison's SLP today. She wanted to let us know that Allison is starting to be able to identify words with her newer implant!!!! She is also not fighting wearing only that one for her therapy sessions. Amazing news!!
Keep it up Allison, we are going to get that right ear working yet.

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