Thursday, July 30, 2009


We are getting somewhere with Allison's newly implanted ear. After 15 months, Allison is finally hearing and understanding the sounds around her. It was so frustrating at times, she was just not hearing like she did with the other ear. There were times when I questioned if we should have even implanted the ear. It was hard to hear her say "I can't hear" while wearing just the one.
On Monday, Allison had a mapping done and it was wonderful to see her respond not only to the peeps of the machine, but also to the voices of the audiologists. Maybe it will be worth it after all.
This morning while doing her therapy with the one CI alone, she was actually able to answer my questions.

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tammy said...

Oh this is WONDERFUL news!!! and I love the post before this too and I pray that one day this happens to Aiden too! CIs are such a miracle and our babies are so lucky to live in this day of age!