Monday, May 25, 2009

This and That

This post is more for me, so I can have a written account of the cute things my kids do and say. Some day when I have some time(ummmm, Jordan will graduate when?) I will write it down in their memory books. But, I hope you enjoy it also.

Allison was riding in the car with my friend's daughter, Abbi,who had a hole in her sock, Allison looked at it and wanted to know why her socks were broken.

Here are some of the attempts Jordan has made in saying words

mymote=remote. Now we don't know if he is saying that it belongs to him or if this is what he calls the remote.

sissy= his sister, Allison

bro bro= his brother, Jared



no night night= well, no explanation needed

dog, go woof woof, right there( pretty good for a 20 month old, don't you think)

Jordan's newest phrase: packpack=backpack


Sallie Lemponen said...

Thanks for the "this and that" section. Helps grandparents keep up, too.

tammy said...

don't you love what comes out of their mouths! Good idea about writing it in your blog for future reference! I often want to start a family blog just for these reasons because I'm horrible at writing in their baby books!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Just wanted to let you know that Life with Lucas has a new URL: