Thursday, November 20, 2008

For My Husband

Nine years ago today, my dad walked me down the aisle to you. We joined hands, said our vows and started our new life together.

Since that day, there have been unexpected turns in the road, but you have always been there, righting the course and keeping us steady. You are my rock, my support and my best friend. I cannot imagine traveling this journey called life without you.

God has blessed us with three wonderful children who have enriched our lives beyond anything that we could have imagined. You are an amazing father who is adored by our children. You are teaching Jared and Jordan how to be men of God and Allison what a Godly husband should be.

Of all the decisions I have made in my life, the best by far was saying yes when you asked me to marry you. I love you and always will.

Happy Anniversary, Bill

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