Monday, April 21, 2008


Allison went into surgery at 7:40 am,I was able to be with her while they put her under. One of the last things Allison said to me was "take care of grandma for me", Bill's mom was at the hospital. They finished in about 3 hours and the doctor and audiologist were thrilled that they got all of the electrodes to fire and work properly. That means she should hear just as well on the right side as the left. While she was in the post op room, she told me she was tired, I told her to go ahead and go to sleep, she told me "no I'm tired of being here!!"
She was in recovery until about 2:15 and was home by 2:45. She does not seem to be in too much pain, just not thrilled with the idea of having to wear the bandage on her head until tomorrow.
The activation date is set for May 12th.
Thank you for your prayers today and as Allison adjusts to her new "ear".

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